Monday, February 14, 2011

Complete Live Steam Train

3-3/4" scale 7-1/2" ga. 2-6-2

Coal Fired Steam Locomotive with Tender and 3 passenger cars along with 1 gondola and 1 tank car The Steam Locomotive comes complete with 2 Penberthy injectors, automatic cylinder cocks, mechanical lubricator, all new plumbing, 2 great whistles, newly profiled drive wheels. Most metal work is powder coated.

Locomotive and Passenger Cars Rebuilt in 2009

Boiler rebuilt in 2004 (1/2” wall thickness)
Last Hydro-test: April 2006 (to 250 PSI)
Hours since rebuild: 8
Configuration 2-6-2
Weight approx 3000lbs
Coal Fired
28” wide at the cab
7 ½” gauge