Friday, March 26, 2010

How To Make Your Own Model Train Tables

Model train tables are great do-it-yourself projects that you can do for your model trains. If you are a train enthusiast, you can make your own model train tables to fit the size of your space available and fit your design as well.

Spending a weekend to make your own model train tables is also great for your kids and a great way to get them involved as well. You can build them with your children old enough to do certain tasks. Here are some tips to help you make your own model train tables at home.

Know what you will need for your design in mind. Of course, before going to the actual challenge, you need to be prepared of the things that you need to use. You have to secure four legs for your train table, plywood, hammer and some nails, sandpaper, four boards for the sides, usually at 8 by 1 inch in dimension, ruler, wood glue and some paint if you want to make your train table extra attractive. You can also add braces to your train table for added support especially if you intend to make a larger one.

You can also add some miniature trees, plants and decorations to make your train table more attractive. If your kids are old enough to help you with this project, you can also allow them to help with this project.

To start with your project, you need to determine the space you have for your train table. You have to consider the electrical outlets, doorways, heating vents as well as other obstacles in the room.

With all your materials ready, you can then start building your train table. Do not forget to choose your apron though. This will give a polished look to your project and provides a place to attach your legs, braces as well as some of the mechanical elements of your train.

Don't forget to sand your train table too to get rid of splinters that may hurt you or your kid. You can also choose to paint your project to give it a good look. For added creativity, you can also add designs that create a landscape and you can even paint some water forms and build bridges for added beauty and design.

Of course, there are many ways to build and make your own model train tables. If you are just creative about it, you can actually make tables from two sawhorses or you can also transform that old table you find in your neighbor's garage sale - there are actually options for you.

You just have to get a good guide in helping you build train tables and get a good design. You can even make your own design as you can actually find the materials in you local hobby store. Indeed, for train enthusiasts, it is a very good option to make your own train table because you can customize it according to your preferences

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Live Steam Model Railroad

Model railroad complete. Live steam engine and two cars.
Track, fuel, instructions all in original box.
Ready to set up and run. Excellent condition.
Add water, fire up the boiler and have some fun!